Marketing. It’s a big deal in the vacation rental world.

Not many owners are out pounding the pavement doing conventional sales. Most rely on marketing to drive sales.

Easy enough, right?

Or is it?

Technology has made marketing easier. Not for just you though. It’s easier for your competition now too. Your rental is one of many. In order to keep your calendar full, you need to stand out.

You need good marketing.

kevin_roundThat’s where I come in. My name is Kevin Riedel. I’m a marketing and communications¬†professional with 15 years of experience. I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies and have worked in the Ad Agency world (yes, like Mad Men). I know a lot about what it takes to get noticed.

I¬† specialize in helping vacation home owners market their homes. I started this blog to help share stories. Stories about what works. Stories about what doesn’t work. And maybe even some that talk about bad things that we can laugh about now.

Got a story to share? I’d love to hear it. Give me a shout here.

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